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Caribbean Queen

Located just on the out skirts of Downtown Gainesville, Caribbean Queen takes you to the deep parts of Saint. Elizabeth and Brown’s Town, Jamaica. The owner Valerie Phillips, is. a quaint Jamaican woman from Brown’s Town, Jamaica. She is more than welcoming. She greets you by dancing to Bob Marley blasting from a large speaker that sits right outside the front door. If you’re looking for a true Jamaican experience, make it your business to learn how to parallel park across the street and pick from an authentic Jamaican menu.

Caribbean Queen is small, only fitting about 20 people inside, 20 150 pounders that is. The small fit does not however take away from the restaurant. Inside, Caribbean Queen is decorated with a wide array of green and yellow memorabilia. Bob Marley boldly stands over the Jamaican Patty hot stand, pictures of a young Phillips on cruise lines as a beginning chef grace the wall over the only table inside, and Jamaican tailored stickers line the counter top.

Not only is the scenery welcoming, but so is the food. Because Phillips owns and operates Caribbean Queen, she takes your order and puts together the food right away. Her strong accent makes you want to add it as a side to your dish. The most popular dishes for people getting their feet wet at Caribbean Queen are the express dishes, which are little containers packed deep with food. Approximately two cups deep, you would believe that is a full entree. Phillips packs white rice under your choice of meat. The oxtails take you back to when you were younger and grandma had you following the smell around the house into the kitchen. The curry chicken, on the other hand, is packed with a wrestlers punch of Mmmm Mmmm Good flavor. The thyme and peas bring everything to its place right into your mouth.

Caribbean Queen is definitely not an #epicfail. From the moment you successfully parallel park, get past Buju Banton, and take a monstrous first bite, you’ll find yourself being very addicted. Jamaican crack. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Price: $
Service: 5/5
Atmosphere: Countryside Jamaica meets Gainesville. Hello mon.


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