Bagels Unlimited

With a great location catty corner from the University of Florida campus, Bagels Unlimited offers students a no-fuss stop for breakfast, or lunch, before or after class. If you’re running late though, you might want to skip it and pick something up at the Kangaroo across the street. My experiences there have all been good. Not excellent, but good. The service is slow, and it takes a while (10-15 minutes) for a server to even approach the table. I’m grumpy in the morning (and hungry and craving coffee), so the wait gets pretty annoying sometimes. The food also takes a longer than it should for a short-order breakfast joint, but they do a pretty good job in keeping your drink filled while you’re waiting. Essentially the service depends on how busy they are, and Saturday and Sunday mornings are prime time. I would recommend going during the week.

Despite the occasional slow service, everything else about Bagel’s Unlimited is pretty awesome. They offer outside seating and have a HUUUGE breakfast selection. With about 20 types of bagels, various spreads and cream cheeses, breakfast sandwiches, omlettes, knishes, pancakes, eggs, lunch sandwiches, salads, sides, and hearty breakfast combination plates (Whew…), so…yea….you are sure to find something to enjoy. I usually go for a sun dried tomato bagel (soo good) sandwich with bacon, an over easy egg and cheddar cheese. The hash browns are also excellent, and the portion is huge. Other favorites of mine include the coconut pancakes (sounds weird, but if you love coconut like I do, you will love these!), and the Mexican-inspired fiesta omelette, complete with tomatoes, onions, olives, peppers, mushrooms, salsa, sour cream and your choice of cheese.

One of my favorite things about Bagel’s Unlimited is their hot sauce selection. They have over 100 different kinds of hot sauce, lined up and displayed in a large shelf in the dining room. Before my meal comes, I scour the hot sauce shelf for the perfect one to complement my choice of breakfast.

The restaurant itself is much larger than it looks from the outside. From the outside it looks pretty rinky-dink, which I think adds to the overall small-town charm to the place. They have two separate seating areas inside and also offer outside patio seating. And although the service is slow at times, it’s always friendly. At the front register they have a big bowl of candy. I remember one time an employee (might have been the owner) picking me out some hidden candy from under the counter. “Now here’s the good stuff.” It’s the little things.

Price- $
Service- 2/5
Atmosphere- quirky diner


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