Burrito Bros. Taco Co.

Tucked away in the back of the Presbyterian Student Center sits Burrito Bros. a must have as a college student. Between classes sit outside in the casual enlarged patio that serves as the eating area. Nature can be a bit much, but nothing beats enjoying a great burrito outside in the good old Florida sun. Just minutes from campus at 1402 West University Ave. you can avoid stop and go traffic for a meal at any time.

The restaurant is run by Janet and Randy Akerson who bought the place from two guys in 1976. They are both still active in the every day management and operations.

With a Mexican influenced menu, you can customize any burrito made fresh to order. Not only can locals enjoy this long time establishment, but they also offer frozen burritos for shipping via FedEx. So after you’ve graduated and said your goodbyes to Titletown, just know that Burrito Bros. is only but a call and a FedEx trip away.

Burritos are served with a spicy tomato based red sauce that’s sure to give your beef or chicken burrito the kick it needs. All ingredients are made fresh, and they use fresh ingredients and produce. They have added three new menu items that are sure to become favorites among long-time patrons and newcomers. Recently added is the chicken burrito with chorizo, red rice and white Mexican cheese; pinto beans, chorizo, red rice and white Mexican cheese; and black beans, sweet potatoes and roasted corn salsa.

Next time you want to grab a quick bite to eat out in the warm sun, think of Burrito Bros. the convenient location across campus and casual atmosphere make this a perfect lunch spot.

Price: $

Service: 2/5

Atmosphere: casual


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