The Jones

Off the beaten path, The Jones is settled in a tiny strip mall on 23rd Avenue. The place is tiny (it seats maybe 30 diners) and the restaurant only takes cash, but the generous menu makes up for it. The Jones ‘ shtick is providing sustainable/local/organic/hippie-friendly food. Vegan options are a plenty, but they serve meat as well. (I ordered bacon.)

For breakfast, the Jones Rancheros is an egg dish served Mexican-style with black beans, salsa, cheese and avocado – perfect for midday dining when you can’t decide between breakfast and lunch. The brioche French toast will satisfy a sweet craving and comes with fruit served on the side. All breakfast dishes are made better with the addition of the homefries, which are perfectly cooked and seasoned.

The sandwich offerings are plentiful as well. Just Like Mama’s is  a fresh take on a grilled cheese using provolone, Swiss and cheddar, served with soup on the side. All sandwiches are made using your choice of fresh bread. The rosemary sourdough added a slight tangy flavor without being overbearing.

The Hot Dang Buffalo Burger, made with local grass-fed water buffalo, is served up differently every week. Recently, it was topped with cheese and a fried egg for a gooey, but delicious, mess.

Instead of the standard Coke or Pepsi, the restaurant uses Blue Sky Natural Sodas, which, while expensive, offer a different taste with any lunch entrée.

The Jones is a great place to go for a different dish and easygoing atmosphere. Just don’t forget your cash.

Price: $$

Service: 3/5

Atmosphere: hipsters


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