The Flying Biscuit

The Flying Biscuit started as a popular Southern-style cafe in Atlanta and quickly grew into a chain of about 11 restaurants spread across Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. The atmosphere inside a Flying Biscuit is decidedly cheery — the tables are set with colorful oilcloth tablecloths, the rooms painted in bright shades of purple and yellow. What really draws the crowds though, is the food.

The restaurant is perhaps best known for its breakfast (and, of course, those biscuits). To get a taste of everything, I usually have the High Flyer, which comes with two eggs, chicken sausage, an oatmeal pancake topped with peach compote and the signature “creamy, dreamy” grits. As a grits enthusiast, I must warn you that these aren’t your grandmother’s grits, for better or for worse. The grits have almost a pudding-like texture and seem to be mixed with sour cream to give them a little flavor. Add a liberal amount of butter on top, and you’ll never look at grits the same way again.

Breakfast is served all day at the Biscuit, so check out menu items like the Egg-Ceptional Eggs or the French toast. The Egg-ceptional Eggs are served over black bean cakes and topped with salsa, feta cheese and sour cream, while the French toast is orange scented and covered in raspberry sauce and honey creme for a sweet start to the morning (or afternoon — your choice). All breakfast items come with the signature biscuits and cranberry apple butter, which is good enough to be spread on generously and sneaked home in your purse.

Lunch and supper are equally as delicious, especially if you stick to traditional Southern dishes like the shrimp and grits. The oven-fried chicken breast is another favorite and comes served with the baked macaroni and cheese, which comes in sort of a brick form on your plate. (Rest assured, calling it a brick is only for visual purposes and speaks nothing to the taste.) For a twist on the BLT, get the Fried Green Tomato BLT, served with cashew-jalapeno relish and goat cheese.

You really can’t go wrong here — I have yet to order a menu item that did not meet or exceed my expectations. Just be sure to get here early. On weekends especially, the place is packed. To its credit, however, the restaurant mans a table outside where you can grab a free cup o’ joe while you wait, and trust me, it is worth the wait.

Price: $

Service: 4/5

Atmosphere: Paula Deen turns fast food


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