Satchel’s Pizza

Where else can you eat a slice of pizza inside of an old Volkswagen Bus that now seats 12 diners?

Clearly, the first thing on anyone’s list of must-haves for owning a restaurant.

Satchel’s Pizza has become legendary in its short time in Gainesville. Opening in March of 2003, Satchel’s has a reputation for being an out-of-the-ordinary eating establishment. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” could not have a better home than at Satchel’s. The walls are lined with original art and the building is decorated with bottle caps, car reflectors and many other recycled materials.

What separates Satchel’s from any other pizzeria, besides the colorful decor, is its menu. You will see the traditional pizza toppings found at most pizza parlors across the country here but much, much more.

Toppings such as artichoke hearts, tempeh, broccoli and steak (sauteed with onion) are just a few of the many combinations of concoctions you may devise while ordering.

On top of the toppings, Satchel’s has a variety of calzones and fresh-baked desserts to choose from. Though it is not an extensive menu, Satchel’s has defined itself as a pizza parlor with some added twists. It is far from an “Italian Restaurant” and specialized on its New-York-Style pizza. Each menu has a different back which will provide you with some reading material while you wait for your food. Different philosophies and stories varying from the evolution of how Satchel’s became what it is today, arguments over Coke or Pepsi or Ford or Chevy and other anecdotes that will keep you entertained.

Located off of N.E. 23rd Avenue, Satchel’s is about a 10-minute drive from campus, but it is well worth the trek. And for all of you Gator-1-loving freshman, you’re out of luck here. Satchel’s is a cash-only business and has an ATM conveniently located near the cash register for those of us who only use plastic.

One thing to note: When Satchel’s is busy – you will wait. The menu states “… It is not unusual for your food to take up to 50 minutes. We’ll do our best.” So come into Satchel’s with the mindset of an eating experience and less of a quick bite between classes.


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